I am a maker of shiny things, and shiny music.  I draw inspiration from the math inherent in beauty, and strive to replicate nature's infinite grace.  Perfect imperfections and happy accidents help me in my work.

"These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of."         George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans)


Born in Edmonton, Alberta, I soon found myself moved to Surrey, British Columbia.  My family moved to Thunder Bay when I was almost five, where the woods were my playground. I started designing silver jewelry as a teenager and worked hard to turn my designs into reality. Since then, my work has been a journey of discovery, and experimentation. I have learned a little, and honed a lot.  When I reach a problem or limit with my work, I learn a new technique to fill the gap.  I'm now living and working in Toronto. I also play the fiddle/violin.

Always learning, always adapting. Shiny!

Alexander Christian